Friday, 10 October 2008

Happy Halloween.....1960's Style

Hello Retro Fans!

More spooky fun as we move into the 1960's. 

The stores still enjoy selling bags of trick or treat delights, costumes of the usual sort and a few popular TV characters as well but now the newspapers begin to feature "How to be Safe at Halloween" type articles. This "not so nice side of Halloween " is a new trend and more will come as the decade draws to a close.

I really love the costume contest at the Jerry Lewis double feature......nifty keen!!!!!



Sunday, 5 October 2008

Happy Halloween....1950's Style

Hello My Fellow Retro Lovers!

Now for the next few updates I will be visiting Halloween in Retroland!

I have such fond memories of this special night. I know not all share my views but in my home town of Brookline and on my street, Halloween was fun and safe! 

The 1950's newspapers did not warn us to be alert, check our candy or any of what we are so used to today in regards to this special day each year. 

Let's take a look at how Halloween was presented in print in the 1950's....very simple, not too scary and lots of fun!

More to come.....Promise!

Boooooooooo!!!!! Charles....................................

Saturday, 13 September 2008

It's....The Lucy Show

Hello my Retro Buddies!

Now today I present to you a few items from 1962. Lucy had taken a few years off doing a regular TV series and was about to jump back into sitcomville with a new show. 

"I Love Lucy" and the following non-weekly "Lucy and Desi Comedy Hour" specials were still very much on America's mind and often rerun on TV lots by 1962. Lucy had to compete with the old shows and try to make sure her new one was not confused with the old. She was no longer married to "Ricky" but had a whole new character to play. The last of her "Lucy and Desi" shows had been shot in 1959 and aired in April 1960. Could America accept her new role without Desi?

Vivian Vance was back as her comedy sidekick. Would the magic still be there?

Many newspapers ran articles leading up to the October debut of the new show and it did cause a bit of stir. Americans wanted the famous redhead back and were keen for any details of the new show that would mark her return.

Enjoy these articles and photos and one great advert that ran the day of the debut back in 1962!