Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Week In Boston 1969: What We Watched and Where We Went

Hello, Retro Lovers!

This update follows along with the Xmas 1969 update on my Boston blog:

The focus is 1969 in Boston and what we watched on TV and the various choices we had for other entertainment during the week of December 21-27th.
Looking over the TV selection that week brought back many memories for me.
I can recall the line-up on Ch. 56 and watching I Love Lucy each weeknight before bed. I was amazed at all the daytime soap operas being broadcast on the networks that year...the afternoon was a daytime drama fest back to front.

Those "cute" holiday specials were on each day and I recall many of them as part of the fun of being young and so aware of holiday magic in all its forms:-)
Note the "Gala" opening of the Pi Alley Cinema that week as well as some wonderful choices in the "live" theater department.


Friday, 19 February 2010

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes....60th Anniversary

Hello, Retro Lovers!
I know that not too long ago I did my look back at Hello, Dolly! update and Carol Channing was the main feature. Here I go again with more Carol. This past December 8th, the musical stage comedy, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes turned 60.
This musical gave Carol Channing the big BOOST she needed to become the star she is today and will always be. Lorelei Lee would be the toast of Broadway and Carol would play her for nearly two years with only just a few short breaks. Carol was a hit and these photos, newspaper clippings and other items are what I share with you as we recall this piece of Broadway history. The movie role of Lorelei Lee went to Marilyn in 1953 as we all know but... Carol was the real diamond!
Enjoy this look back to 1949- 1951!!!