Sunday, 12 December 2010

Christmas Week In Boston 1969: What We Watched and Where We Went

Hello, Retro Lovers!

This update follows along with the Xmas 1969 update on my Boston blog:

The focus is 1969 in Boston and what we watched on TV and the various choices we had for other entertainment during the week of December 21-27th.
Looking over the TV selection that week brought back many memories for me.
I can recall the line-up on Ch. 56 and watching I Love Lucy each weeknight before bed. I was amazed at all the daytime soap operas being broadcast on the networks that year...the afternoon was a daytime drama fest back to front.

Those "cute" holiday specials were on each day and I recall many of them as part of the fun of being young and so aware of holiday magic in all its forms:-)
Note the "Gala" opening of the Pi Alley Cinema that week as well as some wonderful choices in the "live" theater department.