Thursday, 28 August 2008

Back To School 1964

Hello Folks! Still walking down the streets of Bridgeport, CT.  and the year is now 1964.

Kids are getting ready to go back to school and the month of August is nearly over.

The local big stores and the national chain stores are mostly the same as in 1957 with a few new ones tossed in for fun. 

I love the Skydel's hooded parka ad the best....they're "in" and "groovy" that's retro!

Enjoy!!! Charles:-)

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Back To School 1957

Hello my fellow nostalgia buffs!

Welcome to my new blog! My first "mini" theme to kick off with is...Back to School.

I shall post store ads and various bits of information from newspapers with the "back to school" theme and give you a hint of those great styles that the kids wore during my various visits to certain years way back in our wonderful retro past. 

The year is 1957. The place is Bridgeport, Connecticut. I had no idea what a great spot downtown Bridgeport was back in retro times with lots of great and unique department stores of its very own.

I have many ads from Bridgeport over the years and it is a great place to visit to get a good feel for what we bought, wished we could buy and what we were told we just HAD to have by these great stores now long gone. 

Now I will let Leavitts, Kay's, Read's, Skydel's, Howland's and more do the talking:-)

Enjoy! More to follow!